Fluffy Brows & Sky High Lashes

Always be ready with on point brows and lashes.
Shorten your morning routine with our DIY Home Kits done in 20 minutes.

Fluffy Brows & Sky High Lashes



The DELUXE Brow Lamination Kit™ ✨ NEW & Improved Formula ✨

Voluminous, full, feathery brows that last up to 8 weeks.

Think of it like a lash lift but for brows with a definition that stays all day and night.

Whether your hairs are sparse, thin, or straight up unruly, brow lamination using our kit will raise your brow game. 

  • 8 separate applications per box
  • Easy DIY instructions and only takes minutes
  • Each application lasts up to 8 weeks - more than 1 years' supply per box
  • Ditch the brow gel and save money on salon visits
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Good for your brows: our 'nourish' bottle contains a special keratin formula


    "holy grail product!"

    "To be honest, I was totally overwhelmed after I used this product - my brows had literally doubled their thickness. My brows now look naturally 'done' and I literally don't need to fill in my eyebrows anymore or get them done at the salon. An absolute game changing product!"


    "No more lash extensions"

    "I was sceptical too but I'm obssessed with this kit! I was paying a technician $90 for a single lash lift session. For a fraction of the cost, I can do now do 8 lifts with this kit. Plus doing it from home is really convenient and easy to do. Only took 20 minutes. Found my forever product!"

    made with love, for you

    We believe that beauty should be simple and sustainable. We proudly ensure all of our products are vegan, cruelty-free and gentle on the skin.

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