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Article: Do at home lash lift kits actually work? And how do they compare to salon treatments?

Do at home lash lift kits actually work? And how do they compare to salon treatments?

Do at home lash lift kits actually work? And how do they compare to salon treatments?

Do at home lash lift kits actually work? And how do they compare to salon treatments?

Curious about whether at-home lash lift kits actually work? You're not alone.

With salon visits becoming more and more expensive, we get it. Simply put, lash lift kits work and provide salon quality results. How do we know this? Professional salons purchase and use our kits too!

Now you’re probably thinking… are they also safe enough too?

Safety is always a concern with any cosmetic procedure.

Our kits use only quality ingredients that are both gentle and effective, ensuring that your lashes get the best treatment possible.

With any cosmetic procedure, it boils down to the quality of ingredients and how you apply it. Both of which we have and will expand more on below.

Everything you need to know in 30 seconds.

Lash lift kits offer a convenient way to achieve lifted and curled lashes at home.

This process involves several components and steps, and provides a natural look compared to lash extensions, which require more maintenance.

What’s in a lash lift kit?

A lash lift kit typically includes lifting solutions and tools designed to curl your lashes.

You will often find perming solutionfixing solution, and silicone pads. Additionally, there's usually a lifting solutionY tool, and mascara wand to help you achieve the desired look.

The kits also contain cotton pads and an oil-free cleanser to prep your lashes.

All these items work together to ensure that you can lift your lashes safely and efficiently at home.

How the lash lifting works

Lash lifting works by applying a series of solutions that shape and set your lashes.

First, the silicone pads are placed on the eyelids to hold the lashes in place.

lifting solution featuring keratin softens the lash structure, allowing them to be molded.

Next, a fixing solution is applied to set them into the curled position.

This process mimics the effect of a natural perm.

The entire procedure takes around 20-30 minutes, resulting in fuller and more naturally curled lashes that can last for several weeks.

Lash lifts or extensions?

Lash lifts and lash extensions offer different results and maintenance requirements.

Lash lifts provide a more natural look by enhancing your existing lashes, while extensions add extra volume and length by attaching synthetic lashes.

Extensions require more frequent touch-ups and can be more expensive over time. They also carry a risk of damaging natural lashes if not applied correctly.

On the other hand, lash lifts involve fewer chemicals and maintenance. The result is more understated but lasts up to 8 weeks, making them a more convenient option for many of us.

The Pros and Cons of Lash Lift Kits

Lash lifts can offer a convenient way to enhance our natural lashes, but it's essential to weigh the benefits against the potential risks.

Pros of DIY Lash Lifts

One of the main advantages of DIY lash lifts is cost savings.

Salon lash lifts can be expensive, while at-home kits are more budget-friendly.

A professional lash lift can cost upwards of $100, whereas a home kit typically ranges from $20 to $50.

Another benefit is low-maintenance.

Once our lashes are lifted, we don’t need to use eyelash curlers for up to 8 weeks. This can save us time in the morning and reduce daily wear and tear on our lashes.

Additionally, lash lifts can make our eyes look bigger and more awake.

We can even wear mascara to enhance the effect further, which might not always be recommended after using certain other treatments like extensions.

Potential Risks and Cons

Potential irritations

There are significant potential risks and cons to consider with DIY lash lifts.

Using chemical solutions near our eyes can cause irritation or allergic reactions, especially if we have sensitivities.

In our Sky High Lash Lift Kit - we use gentle, high quality ingredients to reduce any chances of irritation so you can be sure your lashes are well kept as well as your skin.

Learning Curve

We’ll admit, getting your lashes lifted in a salon is easier - because you’re not actually doing it.

Though we’re here to save money and time right? 😅

There is a slight learning curve to apply any lash lift kit.

We definitely understood the assignment here, so with all our kits (even our Brow Lamination Kit) it comes with beginner friendly, step-by-step video instructions.

Making it way easier and give you the peace of mind you’re on the right track.

Enhancing Lash Lift Results

To optimize the results of at-home lash lifts, we can explore methods such as lash tinting for added definition and maximizing lash health through proper care and nourishment.

Using Lash Tinting for Added Definition

Lash tinting can significantly enhance the results of a lash lift by adding depth and color to the lashes.

A lash tinting kit typically includes a dye that is applied to the lashes, making them appear darker and more pronounced without the need for mascara.

This added definition works especially well for those with lighter-colored lashes.

When performing lash tinting at home, it's crucial to follow the instructions meticulously to avoid any potential irritation or uneven coloring.

Most kits come with a protective gel and applicator to ensure precise application.

For the best results, we should choose a high-quality tinting kit specifically designed for eyelashes to ensure safe and effective treatment.

Maximizing Lash Health

Maintaining the health of our lashes is vital for achieving the best results from a lash lift.

Using a nourishing eyelash serum can strengthen and fortify the lashes, promoting growth and reducing breakage.

Ingredients like biotin, peptides, and panthenol are commonly found in lash serums and play a crucial role in lash health.

Additionally, incorporating castor oil or other nourishing oils into our routine can provide natural moisture and strength.

Applying a small amount of castor oil nightly can help in keeping the lashes hydrated and less prone to damage.

It's also advisable to be gentle when handling our lashes and avoid excessive rubbing or pulling.

Frequently Asked Questions

At-home lash lift kits can offer a more affordable alternative to salon treatments. To ensure the best results, it’s important to understand safety measures, expect realistic outcomes, and choose the right kit.

What should one consider before using at-home lash lift kits?

Before using at-home lash lift kits, assess the quality of the kit, your comfort with applying chemicals near your eyes, and the kit's instructions.

It's important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines closely to avoid damage to your lashes.

How long can one expect an at-home lash lift to last?

Typically, an at-home lash lift lasts about 6 to 8 weeks.

Maintenance includes avoiding oil-based products and not exposing your lashes to water, extreme heat, or steam for at least 24 hours after application.

Are there differences between salon and at-home lash lift results?

Nope, only the person who’s doing it.

Salon lash lifts generally provide more uniform and professional results due to the expertise of trained technicians. At-home kits can be effective but often require practice to achieve similar quality. We walk you every step of the way.

Can a lash lift be safely done at home without a professional kit?

Not all kits are the same and you really have to read through its ingredients.

Our kits use the best ingredients - meaning they’re gentle yet effective.

Shop our collection here!

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