Welcome to the SENCHA fam.
Here is everything you need to know to get the perfect results with your new lash lift kit. 



The first step is to make sure that your lashes are thoroughly cleansed of makeup and oil and pat dry. Next, stick the correct sized silicon rod to the upper eyelid: apply a generous amount of lash gel to the back of the silicon rod and place on the upper eyelid. Hold the rod for about 15 seconds to ensure adhesion. 

Please be careful to not get any product in your eye!


Apply a generous amount of the gel (around three passes) to the front of the silicon rod. Use the Y-comb to comb and stick all lash hairs to the front of the silicon rod. Work efficiently at this point, as the gel dries quickly. Once all lashes are stuck, apply one more layer of gel over the top of the lashes to ensure all individual hairs have been captured. This is the most important step as your hairs will set as styled and any hairs missed will not perm into your desired shape.


Using the micro-bud, apply around 2 pumps of the 'Perm' solution to the middle of the lashes, working deep into the roots to halfway up the lashes. Leave on for 8-12 minutes (depending on hair type - refer to Timing Guide). Wipe off the excess product with a cotton bud.


Repeat the same steps as above for the 'Fix' solution: using a new micro-bud, apply around 2 pumps of the 'Fix' solution to the middle of the lashes, leave on for 5-8 minutes (refer to Timing Guide) and wipe off all of the excess product with a cotton bud.


Use your finger to dab a thin layer of the 'Nourish' oil to the lashes and leave on for 2 minutes. Lashes should softly detach from the rod. Gently remove the silicon rod from the eyelid and remove any remaining gel with the 'Cleanse' solution. Use the spoolie to give the lashes a good brush.

VOILÀ! Your new lashes will be sky-high for weeks on end with the right aftercare.



  • Do not wet lashes for at least 24 hours afterwards
  • Choosing the correctly sized silicon rod is important and will change the shape of the curl
  • Ensure all individual hairs are well separated and stuck onto the silicon rod, being careful not to miss hairs at the inner and outer corners
  • Cling wrap or conventional plastic wrap can be applied during the perm and fix steps to accelerate the process (but processing times may need to be adjusted)
  • Avoid placing the solutions on the lash tips to avoid overprocessing
  • Our specially formulated Keratin 'Nourish' oil can be used as a weekly serum treatment to help nourish and promote healthy lashes


Patch test 24 hours before use and do not use if irritation occurs. In the event of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention if extreme burning or an allergic reaction occurs. Do not use if hairs are brittle and weak. We exclude all liability for improper use of the product.