A few easy steps to perfect brows

Here is EVERYTHING you need to know to get the perfect brow lamination results with The Original High Brow Lamination Kit™ or The DELUXE Brow Lamination Kit™. All it takes is 20 minutes.
The first step is to make sure that your brows are thoroughly cleansed of all traces of makeup and oil, and pat dry.
BROW GEL (optional)
If you have stubborn or coarse hair, apply a thin layer of the brow gel and brush through using the spoolie or Y-comb to fix the brows into the desired position. You may skip this step if your hairs brush easily into the desired position.
Using the micro-brush, generously coat the brows with perm solution. Make sure the brows are well coated, all the way from deep into the roots to the tips of the hairs.
Apply cling wrap firmly to the brows using an upwards and lifting motion. The cling wrap holds the heat in and accelerates the process.
Leave on for 5-8 minutes (depending on hair thickness - see below for the Timing Guide).
Remove the cling wrap and wipe off the excess product with a cotton pad.
Brush up the brows again in the desired position. We recommend brushing up and sideways for a more natural look.
Repeat the same steps as above for 'PERM' - apply a generous layer of the fix solution to the brows, apply new cling wrap, leave on for the desired time and wipe off the excess product with a cotton pad.
Use your finger to dab a thin layer of our specially formulated keratin nourish oil to the brows. The oil should be used as a daily serum treatment to help nourish and promote healthy brows.
VOILÀ! Your new brows should be soft, full and fluffy and last 6-8 weeks with the right aftercare.

Hair type

Perming Time

Fixing Time

Fine brows 5 - 6 mins 6 - 7 mins
Normal brows 6 - 8 mins 8 - 10 mins
Thick & stubborn brows 7 - 8 mins  10 - 12 mins
Nb. these are updated perming times, which may differ slightly from the back of the box.
- Make sure the whole brow is coated with enough product
- The cling wrap should be wrapped tightly, not placed gently
- Do not wet the brows for at least 24 hours afterwards
- Makeup, active ingredients, tanning lotion and other products should not be used on the brows for at least 24 hours afterwards
- If you have sensitive skin, use a cotton bud to remove excess 'perm' and 'fix' solution or apply a thin layer of vaseline around the edges of the brows
Check out our FAQs or email us at support@senchaskin.com.au and one of our team will be more than happy to assist you!